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The virtual-event world is the new normality for 2020; with in-person events postponed or cancelled, we have all had to adjust to a virtual environment.

During this time, when being able to connect face-to-face is impossible, PHUSE is doing all it can to continue to provide the highest standards of event experience to our attendees. We have sourced the industry-leading platform ‘ON24’ to ensure the PHUSE Community remains connected across the world in an interactive, digital environment, with the familiar feel of a PHUSE event to your device.

On 3rd–5th June, we hosted our first virtual multi-day event – the Data Transparency Summer Meeting – which welcomed a highly engaged global audience who could attend from any location. It was a celebratory success! Take a look below at what our attendees had to say…


About the Platform

ON24 Webcast Elite – “award-winning, data-rich webinar software that brings audience interactivity and insights together, in real time” – has enabled PHUSE to create a completely immersive event experience.

Attendees can access our events directly from their browsers rather than installing programmes onto their computers. With the full elements of the event at your fingertips, you can view the presenters, slides, resources, speakers of the day, Q&A boxes, and sponsor information all at once on-screen.

Attendees are able to customise their audience experience and minimise certain tabs (apart from the sponsor windows) and have the freedom to move these around according to preference. Whilst in PHUSE’s virtual venue you receive unbeatable connection with the presenters and event organisers, there are various ways to contact and communicate instantly, just one click away.

Post-event, we have the Engagement Hub, where readily accessible recordings are stored in the video library. Here, viewers can filter videos by event and switch between playlists to re-watch or view presentations they may have missed.

Initial set-up (format suitable for all screen sizes):

How you can customise the tabs to suit your screen size:

PHUSE’s interactivity tools

PHUSE has selected a robust set of features for attendees to be able to interact and engage with the event as a whole, fellow attendees, presenters, organisers, and their own following. Below you can see the interactivity tools bar, accessible at the bottom of the screen, where our set of features are available at one click.

From left to right: Media Player, Slides, Q&A Tool, Resource List, Speaker Biographies, Additional Textual Information, Group Chat, Twitter, Contact Us, Share This.

Multimedia features:

Media Player – This is where media contributors’ sponsorship allows them to feature their own videos in between presentations and have them played to attendees.

Resource List ­– Access to an extensive bank of free resources from PHUSE, available for download. A hub of various resources, such as white papers, articles and research papers, readily available for your download and use.

Communication features:

Speaker Biographies – Meet the presenters of the event and see their name, photo, title, company and a brief biography, with direct links to connect with them via social channels and email.

Q&A Tool ­– A direct communication method to presenters and event organisers. Here you can submit questions which are then answered during the live broadcast.

Group Chat – PHUSE can share comments and announcements here and communicate directly with attendees.

Twitter – Log into your Twitter account via the ON24 browser and live tweet directly to your profile on-screen and view your feed. Share information with your followers.

Contact Us – Contact PHUSE privately via email.

Share this – Allows you to directly share the link to the meeting across various platforms.

See for yourself

See for yourself by attending the Computational Science Symposium this September. The CSS 2020 will be transformed from a physical event to an interactive digital experience. Immerse yourself in PHUSE’s multimedia platform, where the PHUSE energy is brought to life on-screen. Register your place by clicking here.

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