Working Groups Continue to Connect, Share and Advance

In just two weeks’ time, we will be gathering in Silver Spring, Maryland for PHUSE’s ever-popular global event, the US CSS. Here, in the lead-up to the conference, Working Groups Director Chris Price welcomes members old and new and highlights recent achievements from our Working Groups.


The eighth annual Computational Science Symposium will shortly be upon us, this year in its new June home in the calendar. The cherry blossoms may have faded, but I think we can be safe in the knowledge that there will be no snow this year! 

Looking back over the last 18 months since Scott and I were appointed Working Groups Directors, it’s been an exciting and productive time for the Working Groups. At that time, we were given the task of helping coordinate and maximise the efforts of our volunteers without compromising the culture and collaboration that have made PHUSE Working Groups a success. Our remit remains to ensure Working Groups activities:

  • reflect the PHUSE mission and align with industry and regulatory objectives;
  • operate efficiently, transparently, and collaboratively;
  • maintain appropriate visibility across industry, regulators and other strategic partners.

To support this, last year in Silver Spring we launched the new Working Group structure that brought all Working Groups activities under one framework. This has allowed the Steering Committee to identify synergies and new areas for cross-Working Group collaboration, as well as being able to share knowledge and expertise across all Working Groups. 

The Working Groups have continued to deliver both new ideas and new deliverables. Since the first Computational Science Symposium meeting in 2012, we have launched an incredible 160+ projects and developed 80 deliverables. This is a testament to the commitment of the volunteers who have worked on these over the last seven years.

Scott and I have also been active in maintaining existing partnerships, formalising existing partnerships including new Memorandums of Understanding with HL7 and PSI, and forging new partnerships.

In the last year we have launched an exciting new Working Group, Educating for the Future, and welcomed new contributors to the Steering Committee including Co-Leads for both the Emerging Trends & Technologies and Data Transparency Working Groups and new FDA liaisons. We are extremely fortunate to have such an enthusiastic group of volunteers who are passionate about driving these collaborations forward. As new people join, we inevitably say farewell to a number of volunteers who have made a significant contribution to the Working Groups over the years. Scott and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have stepped down for all their contributions to the Steering Committee; we look forward to continue collaborating with them as part of PHUSE.

Scott and I are looking forward to another successful CSS and hope to see many of you there. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with friends and colleagues in these collaborative efforts and is something I have always found extremely rewarding. For those of you who are long-time contributors, thank you for your continued commitment to PHUSE and the PHUSE Working Groups. For those who will be attending for the first time, welcome – we look forward to meeting you soon.

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