Why you should submit a paper and present at the PHUSE EU Connect

COVID-19 Update

Call for Papers is open for the PHUSE EU Connect 2020 in Liverpool, United Kingdom! Submit a paper here and be a part of something amazing.

PHUSE is closely monitoring all global developments regarding COVID-19 and we fully anticipate the EU Connect in Liverpool, 8th–11th November, to go ahead as planned. Call for Papers is currently open, and registration will open during second quarter. Given the success of previous years, we strongly recommend that prospective presenters complete the Call for Papers process – we are already seeing a strong uptake.

The PHUSE Board of Directors will review this regularly in order to update the planning as necessary and check that our current recommendations are still valid. The PHUSE Board will continue to monitor the evolving situation and take decisions we believe are in the best interests of PHUSE, the membership and our supporters. Keep up to date by viewing the COVID-19 and beyond webpage.

Why you should submit a paper

Presenting a paper or poster at a PHUSE event allows you to share both your knowledge and experience with other participants and attendees. Here you can engage the PHUSE community with your own thoughts and ideas around a topic from one of the 12 Streams we have to offer, sparking thought-provoking discussion and truly being able to Connect, Share, Advance with like-minded individuals.

With levels accommodating both novice and experienced presenters alike, there are plenty of opportunities for everybody; we would love to hear from you!

We took this opportunity to reflect on the great success of the EU Connect 2019 in Amsterdam, and the high-quality presentations that were showcased there. We reached out to those that were awarded Best in Stream to find out what they enjoyed most about presenting, and why they would encourage others to do the same…

“The PHUSE Connect in Amsterdam was the first time I presented on my own. Of course, I was very nervous, but I am so glad I did it. It was a truly unique experience right from the start, with the great support of the Stream Chairs during the preparation phase, the extremely well-organised conference itself and, of course, the super-friendly and super- interested audience during the presentation, followed by a lively Q&A session.

I would recommend everyone to present at PHUSE. It is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and lessons learnt and helps to easily connect with your fellow colleagues from different companies and departments to discuss the challenges of our daily work, whilst exchanging strategies and ideas of how to best address them. So, don't be shy: it's really worth the experience and you will feel great afterwards!”

– Konstanze Morgenroth, Merck Healthcare
Best in Stream for Data Handling, for her presentation ‘Finding the Right Balance – Data Management Surveillance in a Fully Outsourced Partnership Model’

"The best part about presenting was having the opportunity to demonstrate our platform and philosophy to a room full of real people and being able to engage with them directly. It's always good to hear people's initial thoughts on things as it often brings a fresh perspective, and it's great to find others who can benefit from what we're doing."

– Kevin Burges, Formedix
Best in Stream for Software Demonstrations, for his presentation ‘Formedix On: Advanced Metadata Management and Data Conversion’

"What I enjoyed most is the fact that people are open to new ideas, new ways of thinking, being interested, and learning about what other companies do. This has initiated a lot of discussions and networking connections with other attendees afterwards."

– Christoph Ziegler, Roche
Leadership and Innovation Best in Stream, for his presentation ‘Statistical Programming in the Future – Our Mindset, Data FAIRness and the Importance of Stakeholder Relationships’

“My favourite part about presenting at PHUSE is always the Q&A segment at the end of the presentation. It initially seems nerve-wracking because you can’t perfectly predict what questions the audience will ask, but it can provide a great opportunity to share things that you couldn’t fit into the allotted time: an amusing anecdote about your personal experience with the presentation topic, revisiting part of the presentation to focus on a specific detail, and sometimes you get inspired then and there about a future development idea based on a thought-provoking question.

 I would encourage anyone to present an idea they’re truly passionate about. The process of writing the paper and presentation invites you to thoroughly explore your topic; you can verify previous assumptions, research tangential/alternative ideas and utilise a skillset which is likely quite different to that of your day-to-day work.”

– Michael Allie, AstraZeneca
Best in Stream for Data Visualizations, for his presentation ‘Using ODS LAYOUT to Create ABSOLUTE-ly Stunning Patient Profiles’

“PHUSE events are hosted in very interesting cities, and the organisation is always excellent. What I like the most about presenting at the PHUSE Connects is the opportunity to share your experiences with the community and immediately receiving feedback. The interaction at these conferences is what drives me the most and presenting really encourages it.”

– Roman Radelicki, SGS Life Sciences
Best in Stream for Standards Implementation, for his presentation ‘End-to-end SDTM Automation: A Metadata-centric Approach’

Companies can have presence at a PHUSE event not only by exhibiting or sponsoring but by sending representative employees to attend and present. Both Roche and PHASTAR had the highest amount of employees awarded Best in Stream; find out why they encourage their employees’ attendance at PHUSE Connects and the benefits of doing so…

"At Roche, our Biometrics team have variety in their work including significant involvement in non-molecule projects and technical innovation. This nurtures a broad range of new and exciting topics to share. Knowledge sharing is part of our people culture and we believe it applies both internally and externally. Our focus is on the patient and we see many benefits of collaboration both for patients and for an individual's personal development. Presenting our experiences at PHUSE is a great opportunity to share ideas and learn new ones in the non-competitive space."

– Roche

At PHASTAR we are committed to the personal and professional development of our staff – which is why we actively encourage poster submissions and conference attendance. Our staff are enthusiastic and eager to both learn and to share knowledge – which is shown in our three best in stream wins!

Getting involved in presentations give staff the opportunity to research and try out new ways of doing things that they may have not previously been exposed to during their day to day work. Getting involved in conferences can also inspire – whether its hearing about advancements in the industry, progression of automation, interesting coding techniques, or the development of new standards.

Finally, having our staff involved in PHUSE conferences and participating in the presentations gives a huge sense of achievement for both the staff and the company itself – as PHASTAR grows, the confidence and professional knowledge of our team grows too


View all of the presentations from the EU Connect 2019 on the PHUSE conference archive.

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