Webinar Wednesday Registration - Wednesday 12th December  

Registration for Decembers Webinar Wednesday will begin with PHUSE Founder and Chairman of the Board, Stephen Bamford, as he discusses future plans. After another successful year, the future for PHUSE is looking bigger and brighter than ever, with lots to look forward to.


Alongside Stephen in Decembers webinar, the following people will present:

Frank Senk, PHUSE Memberships Director

Scott Bahlavooni, PHUSE Working Groups Director

Luke Simon, School in a Bag


Luke delivered an insightful presentation, when he was Keynote Speaker at PHUSE EU Connect 2018 in Frankfurt, discussing his own non-for-profit company, “School in a Bag.”

Scott and Frank have worked tirelessly with PHUSE; Scott as Working Groups Director and Frank as Memberships Director to spread PHUSE globally. This webinar will offer members a chance to hear of their past and future endeavours for PHUSE.


If you would like to know first-hand what PHUSE will be doing in 2019, then register now for the monthly webinar.


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