Jennifer True – “A truly amazing journey – thank you all!”

The US PHUSE Connect has many challenges and even more rewards. Trying to coordinate hundreds of paper submissions, 14 different Streams, 40 exhibitors/sponsors, not to mention logistics of having over 500 people in one conference space and then to throw in a government shutdown just for fun, can be challenging to say the least. I knew early on that these challenges were worth the effort as the raw intellectual power with all these individuals was going to yield something truly amazing. Even with all the challenges, the good is what will always be remembered: working with amazing people on the PHUSE Board, the PHUSE Office, the keynote speakers, the Stream Chair volunteers, the presenters, the sponsors and the exhibitors. All of us came together to make this the best conference that I have ever attended.    

Trisha Simpson – “We gotta have the magic to make the music!”

It takes a large band of people, a little bit of sorcery, and excellent contingency planning to orchestrate a successful PHUSE Connect; and we are fortunate to have one of the best house bands in the industry. The PHUSE staff, running around the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront in solid black with walkie-talkies at the ready, started the process two years ago when they scouted out locations for the US Connect. They then kept the larger team on track with kind – but firm – reminders of deadlines and urgent tasks that needed to be completed. The Connect Committee, consisting of the Connect Chair, Co-Chairs, all the session leads, Obi-Wan-like PHUSE leaders and an amazing Excel spreadsheet no one is allowed to touch, worked for nine months to ensure an exciting and balanced programme. The authors and presenters laboured long hours to produce PHUSE-worthy publications. A few even whipped out excellent work in a couple of weeks thanks to contingency requests from our fearless session leads. And then there is YOU… the PHUSE Connect attendee… YOU made the magic happen. You took time from your professional and personal lives to travel to Baltimore. You attended the sessions, paid attention to the speakers, and asked thought-provoking questions. You networked and shared information and experiences. You took the magical music created by our talented band and danced like no one was watching. WOW!! When will we all be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?!

Mouly Satyavarapu – “Looking forward to 2020 – Orlando will be a whale of a time!”

Being part of the PHUSE US Connect Committee was exhilarating! As with any worthwhile endeavour, there was hard work and some challenges to overcome, but the whole process was truly an amazing and rewarding experience. Through the contributions by renowned industry leaders and technical experts, we concluded an excellent US Connect conference in Baltimore with 500+ registrants; fantastic presentations by the keynote and Stream speakers; wonderful poster sessions in a sold-out exhibition hall; and superlative networking! This is our second year of PHUSE annual Connect conferences in the US and this one was outstanding! That said, soon it will be time to get the ball rolling to plan for the PHUSE US Connect 2020 at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, from March 8th–11th. As the Connect Chair for 2020, I invite you to join our volunteers, whether you are interested in being a Stream Chair, the author to present, the sponsor, or the exhibitor. Without volunteers pulling together, there is no way we can pull off another excellent event like our past two in Raleigh (2018) and Baltimore (2019). It is undoubtedly through the contributions of these amazing people that we can hold another great PHUSE US Connect in 2020. See you in Orlando!