Top Five Tips for Presenting at the EU Connect 2019

As many of you will know, Call for Papers for the EU Connect 2019 in Amsterdam is open. This year, those wanting to present a paper can choose from 18 Connect Streams or submit their paper to the Non-Specific Stream and let PHUSE add them to a Stream. Every year, we are inundated with noteworthy submissions, making it a challenge to pick presenters. In the wake of the Call for Papers deadline, on 26th April, PHUSE takes a look at the top five attributes needed to make a great presentation.:

  • Ignore your slides for the first couple of seconds.

Whilst nerves are natural for most of us, and diving into the presentation seems like the best move, it often is not. Instead, we recommend taking a look at your audience and, time-permitting, allow them to understand why you are interested in the subject and why they should be. By engaging your audience from the start, you are more likely to get positive feedback.

  • Take care of your time.

This point may seem contradictory to the first one, but it is more about how you control your time. For example, if you have an allocated 10-minute slot, it is not a great idea to have 40+ slides as it is unlikely you will make it through them all. If you do want to add more information afterwards, you can always provide PHUSE with the amended slides to upload.

  • Do not tell us what we already know.

This point should be obvious; however, it is important to keep in mind your audience. Will they already know what you are talking about? Is the material new? Are you providing a unique and personal perspective? Your paper has been selected on account of its relevance and interest and it is that high calibre of writing that needs to come across in your presenting.

  • Images over Eessays.

Do not be afraid to use images or bullet points over slides with lengthy text. Hopefully, by the time you are presenting, you will know your presentation from memory. Therefore, instead of using your slides as a crutch to your presentation, treat them as creative visuals to enhance your subject matter. Essentially, you want eyes to be on you, not staring at the endless writing on your slides.

  • Encourage questions.

People ask questions because they are interested in the reply, not because they want to see you panic. By encouraging questions, you will be able to find out what the audience has taken away from your presentation and to see where it could go next. If you do not know the answer to a question, keep a notepad and pen handy and state that you will note it down and follow it up personally after the event.


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