Data Science

Introducing Our CSS 2019 Keynote Speakers

The annual PhUSE US Computational Science Symposium in Silver Spring, Maryland attracts professionals from industry, academia and regulatory alike to come together to share and discuss their progress, findings and achievements across mutual working areas of interest.

Your Support Enables Us to Continue What We Do

As a volunteer-led society, PhUSE is certainly unique.

Webinars Worth Watching

On the last Wednesday of each month, valued volunteers from our PhUSE Community lead a webinar, where they share informative updates and reviews on areas including PhUSE conferences, Working Groups, project updates, white papers and deliverables.

Amsterdam Abstracts Reach a Record High!

With 2019 marking the 15th anniversary of PhUSE, there is already good cause for celebration.

EU Connect 2019 Registration Open

If sharing knowledge is at the heart of PhUSE, then our Connects act as the lungs that make the journey possible. We were lucky enough to have 662 attendees at the EU Connect 2018 in Frankfurt, helping to share, connect and advance their knowledge.


Thinking of joining PhUSE?

Already a member but not sure how you can benefit?

PhUSE is an expanding, global society with a membership of more than 9,000 clinical data scientists. It requires a large pool of resources to help with its running, and so there are many opportunities for members to become involved. Whether it's chairing a conference, presenting at an event, leading a working group or contributing to the quarterly online newsletter, we are always keen to hear from volunteers.

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