Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

Those of you who will be joining us at our PHUSE EU Connect event in Amsterdam will have the pleasure of listening to Neil Stanley, when he gives a keynote about sleep and the ways of measuring it. Neil will also be giving a Hands-on Workshop on the same topic. Well, why should we be interested in this? This is not a typical PHUSE topic: it does not exactly help in solving coding problems, does it?


In preparation for this year’s EU Connect in Amsterdam, the Events team at PHUSE took an (extra-long) day trip last week to the Connect venue to finalise the finishing touches! Read on for some exclusive behind-the-scenes content of the great amount of work that goes into the organising and planning of a PHUSE event to ensure its success.


Presenting a paper or poster is an excellent way to share your understanding and experience with other participants during this outstanding conference.


When we consider the Netherlands and its capital city, Amsterdam, certain stereotypical things come to mind such as windmills, tulips, clogs, that boy that stuck his finger in a dyke and, in my case a mouse.

EU Connect Amsterdam – Last chance for Early Bird registration!

There is less than a week to go until our early bird registration closes for this year’s EU Connect, held in Amsterdam in November. With so much to offer, be sure to take advantage of the discounted ticket price for the EU Connect 2019 by viewing the registration page on our website.

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