PHUSE's Virtual Single Day Event Success – Bengaluru

You may have seen PHUSE’s announcement back in April — ‘PHUSE SDEs Have Gone Virtual!’ — committing to the virtualisation of our Single Day Events during the COVID-19 pandemic. Going virtual promised the opportunity of widening attendance due to unlimited capacity, no matter your location!

The celebratory success of our Single Day Events so far speaks for itself. Spring House, Pune, Frenchtown and Bengaluru have all hosted more than quadruple their physical capacity. The virtualisation welcomed an amazing 1,700+ attendees, in comparison to the 400-person capped physical capacity.

Whilst our face-to-face meetings are still impossible, we are pleased to continue delivering the highest content to you virtually and being able to open this up to so many more participants. PHUSE will continue to do so, but we look forward to welcoming you all in person when possible.

These were the words Shrishaila Patil, Vice President, Navitas Data Sciences and Bengaluru SDE Chair, used to set the tone for what was a truly fantastic event. This SDE was the second virtual India SDE of the year and was centred around the theme “Biometrics, Analytics and Data Science: The Way Forward in the Digital World”.

The SDE was free to attend and open to all, the results of which were unprecedented, with over 1,000 people registered and 500+ attendees on the day. The day consisted of eight presentations from industry SMEs, experts and thought leaders, an engaging Q&A session with the audience and a buzz around the PHUSE social media platforms and App.

What made this virtual event so successful?

We asked Shirishaila, the SDE Chair, to share his thoughts...

1. It was a virtual event

“The fact that PHUSE was able to manage and continue the event virtually is a BIG PLUS here. I have seen many events from various companies having to be moved and postponed – or even cancelled! However, as a PHUSE team, we stood strong and ensured we would continue the event in a virtual way.

As well as this, there is no travel challenge. People are able to attend from wherever they are in the world using their device. Even when/if travel is open, people will remain hesitant due to the fear of the COVID-19 infection.”

2. SDEs are FREE! (There is no registration fee for attending.)

“When there are fees for attending, companies usually limit the number of employees they send due to budget constraints. For example, if there are 100 programmers in a company, usually only 3-4 resources get the opportunity to go.

As there are no attendance fees for the virtual PHUSE SDEs this year, it opens up the opportunity for all programmers to join.”


3. The Theme

“The theme of the event was very attractive in terms of gaining knowledge of the latest cutting-edge technologies, tools and solutions.

Bengaluru’s theme was “Biometrics, Analytics and Data Science: The Way Forward in the Digital World”. Everyone understands how data science and the digital world is disrupting innovation in the pharma industry. This generates high interest for people to attend and to gain insight into this hot topic.”

We would like to thank everyone involved who contributed to the great success of this event, and the attendees for their immense engagement and interest.

You can read the full event summary by visiting the Bengaluru webpage, where you can also view the presentation slides and listen to the live recordings on PHUSE Tube.


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