PHUSE SDEs Have Gone Virtual!

COVID-19 Update

Due to the current global situation of COVID-19, PHUSE has made the decision to make all PHUSE Single Day Events (SDEs) virtual for the first half of the year. The PHUSE Board of Directors will continue to monitor the evolving situation and will update the planning as necessary to ensure our current recommendations are still valid, making sure all decisions are in the best interest of PHUSE, the membership and our supporters.

The virtualisation of PHUSE Single Day Events

This is amazing news for PHUSE members as the SDEs are still going to take place, just virtually! They are free to attend and remain regionally based but are open to all PHUSE members, so no matter where you are in the world you are now able to join all of our SDEs. These virtual SDEs will have an unlimited capacity, unlike our face-to-face events – opening up an even broader opportunity for like-minded individuals to come together and share their knowledge and experience.

PHUSE has always been known for being second to none in regard to networking and collaboration. These opportunities are key benefits of an SDE and moving to a virtual platform does not need to affect this. The virtual SDEs will still include networking breaks, to allow you the time to connect with other attendees and discuss presentations in further detail.

Providing the platform to do this is the PHUSE App, which is available for use to all registered attendees. Joining the App will give you access to exclusive content including a full agenda, the ability to view the SDE sponsor profiles, information on our presenters and the chance to connect directly with fellow attendees for open discussion and questions. Download the PHUSE App, 'PHUSE Connects’ – which is available for free on Android and iOS devices – and join our Single Day Events!

Virtual Spring House SDE

PHUSE’s first virtual Single Day Event, the Spring House SDE, held on Thursday 9th April, was a celebratory success. Physically, the Spring House capacity was set at 100 attendees, but due to the virtualisation we were able to welcome an amazing 400+ registered attendees for free!

The agenda was full of presentations based around the theme "RWE: A New Gold Rush Revolutionizing Data Collection, Analysis and Submission” and was chaired by Ramesh Ayyappath, ICON and Rana Farha, Janssen Research & Development. Click below to view the recorded presentations.

FDA RWE Regulatory Perspective ­– Rebecca Lipsitz, Janssen Research & Development

Real-world Evidence and Regulatory Submissions – David Hood, Pfizer

Use of EHR Data in Drug Development – Applications and Key Considerations – Jeremy Snider, Flatiron Health

Innovative Technologies Utilization in 21st Century Novel Clinical Research Programs Towards Generation of Real-world Data and its Articulation for Analysis & Submission
Srinivasa Mandava and Cheryl Simon, Merck

Jeremy Snider used interactive elements during his presentation, which really enhanced it virtually and allowed viewers to feel engaged. Below you can read Jeremy’s top tips for using live polling software in your presentations and how to optimise its use.

“We've used polling software (Poll Everywhere) at Flatiron internally for some of our internal knowledge-sharing exercises, and I thought it would be interesting to use it to both learn more about the experiences of a global, diverse audience, and to prime thinking on what they would want to take away from what I was trying to get across in the presentation.”

Jeremy’s Top Tips and Tricks:

  • Make it clear to the audience early on in the presentation that you are implementing these elements (e.g. put it in the title slide and re-mention it in the lead up to the polls).

  • Try to get people ready to answer by thinking/writing while you're still in discussion.

  • Enabling live results that are viewable on screen as they are submitted will show attendees their feedback is being incorporated.

  • Keep most of the questions simple (perhaps using multiple choice or word clouds).

  • As these are harder to manage in a live presentation, limit questions where you require free-form longer responses or allow some extra time. To help, provide some examples to the audience first about what you'd want to hear.

For more tips on virtual presentations, view PHUSE’s recent blog 8 Tips to Improve Virtual Presentations.

A big thank you to our sponsors, presenters and attendees for contributing to the success of this virtual Single Day Event. Registration is open for the Pune, India SDE on Saturday 25th April and Frenchtown, NJ SDE on Thursday 7th May. Click the links for more information and to secure your place now!

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