PHUSE EU Connect 2020 Virtual Exercise Challenge

How many kilometres can our attendees travel during the event’s live week?

= Over 1,200 kilometers!!!

It has become a Connect tradition in recent years for attendees to meet up one morning of the event and participate in a group run. Take a look below at some of the PHUSE Community’s avid runners at our last two EU Connect events in Amsterdam, 2019 and Frankfurt, 2018.

Mathieu Grace, Edwin van Stein, Mark O'Brien, James McDermott, Tom Oades, Martin Houben, Guy Garrett and Elsa Lozachmeur, EU Connect 2019 – Amsterdam’s run underneath the Rijksmuseum and through Vondelpark.


James McDermott and Edwin van Stein, EU Connect 2018 – Frankfurt’s run along the River Main.

So, it only makes sense to still honour this tradition and present to you the EU Connect 2020 Virtual Exercise Challenge! Now, more than ever, it is important to exercise for both physical and mental health benefits.

Whether you walk, run, row, cycle or swim and do this outdoors or on a machine, PHUSE is encouraging all EU Connect attendees to take some time away from the screen in between presentations and join fellow attendees across the globe to rack up the kilometres during the Connect. The challenge will run for the duration of the EU Connect live week as well as the weekend, from Monday 9th until Sunday 15th.

How to get involved:

  • Download the Strava App – available on iOS and Android

  • Alternatively, you can use a device that is able to connect to Strava (e.g a watch, hometrainer, rower machine).

  • Search ‘Clubs’ and join the PHUSE team


Rules of the challenge:

  • You must be an EU Connect attendee to take part and qualify as a Virtual Exercise Challenge winner. A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded to those at the top of the leader board.

  • To keep things fair for all of those taking part; distance covered by cycling counts as half, and swimming counts as double. Running, walking, hiking, rowing will remain as standard. Please note these can, of course, be physical or virtual – whether outside or on a machine it all counts!

  • We encourage members to stay a part of the PHUSE team on Strava after live week has ended. However, during live week please use the #EUCONNECT20 in your activity title so we can easily differentiate what was completed during the EU Connect.

How the event went...

The EU Connect 2020 and the Virtual Exercise Challenge has now come to a close, and we can't thank everyone who got involved enough. We had a brilliant turn out for the challenge, and are so pleased we inspired so many of you to exercise and really push yourselves during the week of the Connect.

Participants took part in every exercise activity from swimming in Dubai, spinning their wheels on the Peloton platform, dog walking and hill sprints – you name it, the PHUSE athletes done it! 

More than 1,200 kilometres were travelled by the PHUSE Team during the week of the event, and we are pleased to announce our winners:

Kriss Harris, Eli Lilly = 107.8 km
Sascha Ahrweiler, Bayer = 103 km
Olivier Leconte, Johnson & Johnson = 95.5 km 

A big thank you to everyone who took part. See you next year!


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