Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Collection/Analysis of Adverse Events Data in Ongoing Trials

This blog considers the impacts of COVID-19 on the collection and analysis of adverse events, offering guidance from industry experts on what clinical data scientists [1] (i.e. those who analyse data collected in clinical trials) can expect in the short term relating to the studies impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as consideration of future implications.

Clinical Trial Drug Safety Assessment for Studies and Submissions Impacted by COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic thoughts have turned to how to address the impact of the virus and measures taken to suppress it have had on clinical studies. In the last few weeks two papers providing analysis recommendations from clinical trials impacted by COVID-19 have been prepared by a cross-industry group and submitted to Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research.

How Knowledge Graphs will Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry – brought to you by PHUSE and Stardog

The pharmaceutical industry’s current data landscape is in need of a technology transformation. Knowledge graphs are emerging as a solution to the data-quality problems, by modeling real-world study processes, entities, relationships and rules.

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Clinical Trial Transparency and Document Disclosure PHUSE CTT Project

As the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacts many facets of human activity around the world, the pharmaceutical industry is being presented with significant challenges related to the manufacturing and shipping of existing marketed products and to treatment development activities.

PHUSE Pune SDE by Chair, Abhishek Ghosh

When the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 hit us, we were left with only two choices to make. The easy option was to call off the Pune SDE and the difficult option was trying to host the event virtually, for the very first time.

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