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PHUSE has experienced phenomenal growth in membership over the years. December 2018 ended with membership figures at 8,800, with 60 corporate memberships. As of 10th June 2019, PHUSE has 65 corporate memberships and 1,099 individual members, with a total membership of 9,170.

The PHUSE Community is made up of clinical data science professionals from 40 countries throughout the world. Our top five membership countries are:

United States: 2,974

India: 2,107

UK: 900

China: 861

Germany: 449

2019 sees us extend a welcome to our first members from Albania, Argentina and Portugal! We look forward to connecting with you soon.


Regional Membership Officers

Our volunteer Regional Membership Officers help promote PHUSE and support the Society in many different capacities, for example being on the Event Committee for our Single Day Events (SDEs).

We have Regional Membership Officers covering the following regions:

Africa: 187

Americas: 3,079

Asia: 3,253

Europe: 2,634

Oceania: 17


Koichi Yamaguchi, Regional Membership Officer for Japan

Here, we introduce Koichi Yamaguchi and learn a little about his professional background, as well as his endeavours with PHUSE.

Koichi received an MSc in Genetics from Hiroshima University in 2002. Prior to joining Eli Lilly Japan in 2012 as a Senior Statistical Analyst, he worked for several companies including ACRONET, Novartis and, most recently, Janssen Research & Development, mainly as a statistical programmer/analyst. Koichi has also been an active member of the CDISC Japan User Group ADaM Team and Sub-Lead since 2013.

A PHUSE member since 2015, Koichi also supports the Japan SDE Committee and has, for the second year, completed the translation of the membership guide for our Japanese members. We thank Koichi for his continued efforts in supporting our Japanese membership and for his valuable contribution to the Society as a whole.


Membership Director, Frank Senk

This month, Membership Director, Frank Senk, talks to us about his role and what he considers to be the main benefits of being a member of the PHUSE Society.

Frank has been a PHUSE member since 2010, when he first attended a company-sponsored SDE in Philadelphia and was impressed with the content. One year later, he attended his first EU Connect. During 2011–13, he held the position of US Events Director before being nominated to the US Membership Director role. Frank is now the Membership Director.

How have you benefitted from being a member? 

Attending SDEs and conferences has provided great benefits in keeping up with the shifting currents in our industry; however, networking has been the greatest benefit.

Can you describe in three words what PHUSE means to you?

Friendship, knowledge and understanding.

What opportunities would you recommend to those thinking about volunteering within PHUSE?

My first recommendation would be to become a Regional Membership Officer, to better connect with our membership throughout the world. Opportunities exist in connecting with individuals through company-sponsored networking events. Members can present at our themed SDEs and Connects or support particular events by joining the relevant committee. We also have Working Groups, where members and non-members alike are able to work collaboratively on various projects.

What are your plans for the PHUSE membership? 

The Board’s insight is that we are a Society of members dedicated to something bigger than the individual. Our thought for the membership has always been to inspire people to volunteer, getting involved in the one thing that will ensure our growth and secure our contributions. It wouldn’t hurt if we were to climb over 10,000 members in 2020.


As Frank and our members attest, especially those who have attended a PHUSE event, the most significant benefit of being a PHUSE member is the opportunity to connect, share and advance. Information sharing and networking is a key priority at PHUSE events, enabling new and existing friendships to be created, rekindled and continued.

Whether you are an individual member or part of a group package, the benefits are:

  • Free access to over 20 SDEs across the globe
  • Access to the Members Blog
  • Excellent information sharing and networking opportunities at PHUSE events
  • Part of an organisation that is the world’s largest healthcare-related biometrics society
  • Partnership opportunities enabling collaborative working in a non-competitive environment. (For example, PHUSE has assisted in the transition to CDISC data submissions by building on the PHUSE/CSS/FDA collaboration and the conversion of documents into Japanese.)


For further details about the volunteering opportunities within PHUSE, visit our Volunteering page.

If you have any queries regarding membership, then please email  


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