How Knowledge Graphs will Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry – brought to you by PHUSE and Stardog

The pharmaceutical industry’s current data landscape is in need of a technology transformation. Knowledge graphs are emerging as a solution to the data-quality problems, by modeling real-world study processes, entities, relationships and rules.

On 7 May, PHUSE and Stardog collaborated on a webinar entitled ‘How Knowledge Graphs will Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry’. Tim Williams, PHUSE Knowledge Graph Project Lead and Guy Vorster, Senior Director of Solutions Consulting at Stardog discussed how pharma’s data-centric transformation can become a reality and provided examples of what is already happening in the industry.

Click the video below to watch the webinar and to hear about the following topics:

  • Why knowledge graphs are an ideal tool for a patient-centric approach to data management
  • How a knowledge graph could be used to automate conformance to the FDA’s technical submission requirements
  • How to augment existing investments in relational data with knowledge graph technologies
  • Examples of existing knowledge graph and FAIR initiatives in pharma
  • Strategies for adopting knowledge graphs within your own work 

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