From the Chair ... What You Can Expect from the PHUSE EU Connect 2020 Presentations

On 24 June, Stephen Bamford, PHUSE Founder and Chairman of the Board, presented the PHUSE ‘State of the Union’ amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Here he announced PHUSE’s plans to virtualise the EU Connect 2020, which will now take on a new format, combining on-demand presentations and a live event week, to ensure we deliver the highest value of content to registered attendees.

Even though PHUSE, our industry, and individuals were facing immense uncertainty at the height of the COVID outbreak, 232 abstracts were submitted to the EU Connect 2020 call for papers tool! With the virtualisation not restricting room size, Stream length, and potential topic conflicts, the Stream Chairs could focus their selection and discussions on one thing and one thing only ­– quality. We are therefore excited to bring you approximately 150 on-demand quality presentations to be viewed at your leisure in addition to the sessions planned during live week.

During the submission period, we were able to identify trends in related topics, which encouraged us to set up workshops around the de-identification of data, R, CDISC-360, statistical computing environments, artificial intelligence, and the impact of COVID-19 and the disruption to clinical trials. In addition, the Streams which had a dual format last year will continue to have a live session this year, so you can also look forward to hands-on sessions in Leadership & Innovation, Professional Development and Personnel Management. Keynote speakers will still be present, and our trusted Poster Session will be back during live week, too. Finally, we will also introduce an Enhanced Software Demonstrations Stream, a regulatory session, and a Standing Room Only session, with live presentations and a Q&A session in areas of very high interest.

Of course, a large part of what makes the PHUSE EU Connect such a popular event is the connections we have with our peers and colleagues in the industry. Even though nothing can replace seeing you all face-to-face, we will attempt to bring some of that PHUSE camaraderie and spirit to evening events you can dial into, such as location-based Zoom Rooms for informal discussions on the Sunday, perhaps a one-person band concert on the Monday night, and a technical quiz night on the Tuesday.

Registration is now open! Click below to secure your place, and take a look at 'Your Guide to ON24' where you can view PHUSE's new industry-leading platform which will hosts our virtual events.

We hope that you will join us from the comfort of your home for our virtual EU Connect 2020!

Anne-Sophie Bekx, EU Connect Chair



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