CSS Quickfire Round with Jane Lozano

Registration opened earlier this month for the PHUSE US CSS in Silver Spring, Maryland on June 9th–11th. We asked PHUSE member Jane Lozano (Eli Lilly and Company) five quickfire questions to find out her thoughts on the CSS, and to hear what she gets up to when visiting Silver Spring.

PHUSE: How did you learn about the CSS?

Jane: I learned about the CSS from a colleague at Lilly who was involved with one of the Working Groups. I spoke with her about the conference and determined it would be beneficial for my job at Lilly to attend.

PHUSE: Why do you like attending the event?

Jane: I love the collaboration that I experience with industry, regulatory agencies (especially the FDA), academia, and technology providers. Networking is another reason why I like attending the event. My PHUSE colleagues have become my friends, and I love seeing them at the conference as we all live across the world. 

PHUSE: If you could compare the CSS in three words, what would you choose?

Jane: Intense; networking; collaboration.  

PHUSE: How would you compare the CSS to the PHUSE Connects?

Jane: I have not yet had the opportunity to attend a PHUSE Connect. However, the CSS focuses on the project work within PHUSE, whereas the Connect does not get into this type of activity.

PHUSE: How do you like to spend your free time in Silver Spring? 

Jane: I enjoy spending time with my friends, having dinner and, if time permits, taking the Metro into DC, and walking around the WWII Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.


If you, like Jane, want to start networking with industry professionals or begin a collaboration for a PHUSE project, then click the button below to register for this year’s event. We are proud to say that the PHUSE CSS is growing phenomenally and is recognised by regulatory bodies such as the EMA and the FDA as being an important annual conference to attend.


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