Calling for Volunteers - Investigating the Use of FHIR Project

The successful PHUSE Investigating the Use of FHIR in Clinical Research Working Group project has been running for three years and has a long history of publications and presentations. The current initiative is looking to streamline data flow in conducting clinical research by mapping HL7 FHIR expressions to CDISC SDM-XML. This would allow EHR data integration into clinical research trials and for targeted recruitment via trial-specific parameters (e.g. protocol eligibility), inevitably helping patients.

This concept paper will focus on a single endpoint within the FHIR PlanDefinition/CarePlan, which is intended to be a haematology lab panel. Previous Investigating the Use of FHIR in Clinical Research WG project papers have already taken content from observation forward, which is not in scope of this proposal.

Duration: 03-2019 through to 06-2020


  • FDA informatics professional with healthcare experience
  • Clinical site investigator with EHR experience
  • EHR FHIR open-source software vendor
  • HL7 FHIR expert


  • White paper describing the details and processes
  • Example SDM-XML with FHIR expression extensions
  • More efficient targeted recruitment potential
  • Data bridging of healthcare into clinical research trials (e.g. medical history, prior concomitant meds, etc.)


If you are interested in joining this project, please contact


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