October 2020

The CDISC Primer: A Collaboration with PHUSE

Volunteers from the PHUSE Community agreed to establish a PHUSE project, in collaboration with CDISC, at the PHUSE Computational Science Symposium in Silver Spring, Maryland in 2018. The team were tasked with identifying the needs (regulatory requirements, implementation options and best practices) of new CDISC implementers and providing a central starting point where newcomers could be guided towards all aspects of CDISC data standards implementation.

The Computational Science Symposium 2020 Summary and Prize Winners

And before you know it, the 9th PHUSE/FDA Computational Science Symposium, better known as the CSS, is over. Holding this working meeting virtually over three days was a first for PHUSE – and it was a huge success. Read on for more information on our prize winners.

Virtual Networking & Social Events at the EU Connect 2020

Read more to find out about the upcoming social events and how you can network virtually at the EU Connect 2020.

Top 5 Tips for Networking Virtually

Virtual events have exploded as an industry necessity this year. With face-to-face restrictions still in place, it is important to make the most of your virtual event attendance and network effectively. Use PHUSE’s top tips below to make some new, meaningful connections at our virtual events.


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