Bloemfontein, South Africa

29th November 2019

The Future of Data Science in the Changing CRO Environment


Conducting clinical trials today is a complex set of activities including huge volumes of data across multiple systems. As the clinical space grows at a rapid pace, with more trials and increasingly strict protocols regulating those trials, the medical industry faces the challenge of having to quickly and easily access real-time data. A large part of the medical industry relies on contract research organisations (CROs) to manage their trials and CROs, in turn, rely on data analytics software to facilitate their work.

The volume of data in healthcare is growing at a massive rate. As the industry enters the exciting realm of genomics, historical control arms and high-frequency sensor data, the value of such data will only be leveraged if it is properly integrated, standardised and analysed. In addition, there is a lot of attention on machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, natural language processing and cognitive computing which drives innovations and changes.

Given the influx of data and technology, data science is currently the most discussed topic on social media and within the CRO industry. How will data science and technology change the CRO environment? With more device-driven data capturing and virtual trials, data science will play a vital role. Will it allow the CRO industry to identify trends earlier on to enable us to make better business decisions? Please join us at the Single Day Event (SDE) in Bloemfontein, South Africa to share your vision and ideas on this hot topic.



Historical Data in Clinical Trials – Japie Lowings & Louise van Aswegen, MMS

In Rock We Trust, it's Rock or Bust! So Goes the Song by AC/DC – Hentie du Plessis, IQVIA
To follow.

Randomized Control Trial (RCT) Versus Trials Involving the Use of Real-world Evidence (RWE) – Louise van Aswegen & Pieter Cloete, MMS

Ameliorated Subjects – Megan Carnell & Leon Lombaard, ICON

The ONLY Constant is Change – Eduan Cronje, GCE Solutions

A Practical Solution to Managing and Presenting Big Data in Real Time – Jaco Smith, PAREXEL

Investigating Data Engineering, Extraction and Machine Learning Methods to Code MedDRA Dictionaries – Coenraad Bezuidenhout, ICON

Our Industry: Technology-driven or Driven by Technology – Faheeza Rangunwala,  GCE Solutions

The Future of Clinical Trial Programming – Arnold van Aswegen, GCE Solutions


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