Bengaluru, India

27th July 2019

Industry 4.0: Avoiding Digitisation and Modernisation 'Not an Option'



Bengaluru, the Garden City of India, hosted the 9th Single Day Event of 2019 on 27th July. The event was attended by close to 250 participants representing 23 organisations, as well as 3 academic institutions. The theme was Industry 4.0: Avoiding Digitisation and Modernisation 'Not an Option'. There were nine presentations throughout the day, with a panel discussion towards the end of the event. Sarvesh Singh, PHUSE APAC Director, started the event with a welcome and overview of PHUSE.

Mayank Anand from Bristol-Myers Squibb was the first speaker of the day, speaking on Digitisation: Boon or Bane. His presentation highlighted both sides of digitisation – whether it has been a positive force or whether there are any unforeseen challenges that the pharmaceutical industry is not accounting for. The other speakers also spoke about new technologies, such as ML, AI, AML and 3D printing, which are helping the industry to realise another industrial revolution.

The afternoon session started with Varsha Mahajan from GCE Solutions, who drew on a few interesting and relevant examples in her presentation that made us think whether we are ready for the change required to harness the essence of Industry 4.0. Her key message was that we must take the first step to embrace this change and to help us face this challenge that is dynamic and uncertain in nature.

It was fantastic to see the audience coming up with questions, even during the breaks, and to understand the speakers’ views about the future of the clinical industry. The university students showed great enthusiasm for the topics discussed by these industry leaders with their decades of experience. They said it was an extraordinary opportunity to attend this kind of conference with industry leaders.

The panel discussion, headed by Sarvesh Singh, proved extremely interesting and informative. Subjects ranged from where we are now, with industry updates on AI/ML, to how the industry is evolving with the new era of techniques in DM and statistical programming. Industry leaders expressed their thoughts on how to improve skills in the new era, as well as how and when to apply them. Attendees generated questions and actively engaged in topics surrounding the clinical development process.

Ranjith Prayankotveettil from PPD and Abhijit Roy from GlaxoSmithKline, who put together an exciting and varied agenda, chaired the event. Special thanks to Jayapandian Nagamalaiyan from Bayer and all the volunteers involved behind the scenes, managing the logistics of the event and ensuring the participants were well taken care of.
A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS, Cognizant, Ephicacy, GenInvo, PPD and Sumptuous IT Solutions, for making this event a grand success. A BIG THANK YOU to Sarvesh Singh for setting the golden words for the day, with an enthusiastic overview of PHUSE including upcoming 2019 conferences.



Digitisation: "Boon" or "Bane" – Mayank Anand, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Managing Quality in Pharma Manufacturing – Nabuath Ulla Khan, SAS Institute

Digital Clinical – Inder Sachdeva, Cognizant

Data Visualisations – Emerging Trends – Sathish Sundaram, Eli Lilly

Digitisation and Modernisation Impact on Statistical Programming – Ajay Sinha, Novartis

Industry 4.0 – Are We Ready for the Change? – Varsha Mahajan, GCE Solutions

Importance of Digitisation in the Emergence of New Technologies – Shivaram Nagabhushana Sharma, ICON

Accelerate Clinical Development Through 4G – Farooq Ali, Covance

Digitisation Transforming Healthcare Research – Sangeet Kumar, SymphonyAI


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