Basel, Switzerland

28th June 2018

Future of Analytics



Themed ‘Future of Analytics’, another Single Day Event (SDE) in Basel aimed to share and discuss experiences, ideas, and visions beyond today’s common working practices, exploring newly evolving technologies, the increasing necessity of data FAIRness and cross-functional as well as intercompany collaboration.

The agenda featured presentations from big and mid-size pharma as well as from technology and service providers. We touched on a broad range of topics: the past, present and future of analytics itself; data FAIRness and data transparency; R, Git and Spotfire; coding your documentation; and statistical considerations in presenting and visualising data. Each of the eight presentations triggered intense discussions amongst the 75 delegates.

We had an intense programme, but there was sufficient time for networking amongst the national and international audience. It was a great day, with a very positive and collaborative atmosphere and strong content. Based on the feedback, the SDE was highly valued by the attendees.

The SDE Chairs would like to thank all the presenters for their contribution and commitment, the sponsors for making the day possible, everyone who helped organise and run the event and, of course, all the attendees for making the 2018 PHUSE Basel SDE an enjoyable and successful event.



Three Billboards Inside Basel, Switzerland – Gary Kennedy, Shafi Consultancy

A Framework for Making Data FAIR at Bayer Pharma R&D – Alexandra Grebe de Baron & Drashtti Vasant, Bayer

Data Transparency – Breaking Down Data Silos for Improved Insight – Peter Tormay, Capish

Discussion Round: Introducing R in Pharma – Reinhold Koch, Roche

Safety Signal Detection Visualisations Using Spotfire Including R – Michaela Mertes, Roche

Making the Best Out of Git – Kamila Duniec & Jonathan Reid, Idorsia

Documentation as a Code (pdf)– Igor Khorlo, Syneos Health

Misuse and Misapplication in Statistical Data Analysis – A Topic That Never Goes Out of Style  – Corinna Miede, HMS Analytical Software

PHUSE CSS WG “Educating for the Future” Update – Guy Garrett & James McDermott, PHUSE

PHUSE Board Update – Yvonne Moores, PHUSE Strategy & Inovation Director


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