Basel, Switzerland

Workflow Automation and/or Optimisation


The PHUSE Single Day Event which took place on Tuesday May 16th in Basel was attended by an audience of 80 people. The theme was “Workflow automation and/ or optimization” which allowed a dynamic program focused on current challenges, concerns and issues related to key topics around technology, metadata and processes.

Based on the attendee’s feedback, this Single Day Event was a real success; a great event well timed and organized. People enjoyed the atmosphere and spirit (“the hosts did a great job!”). They appreciated the good choice of highly professional presentations. They got inspired by the wide range of interesting and excellent talks which complemented each other very well: from visionary high-level ideas (Dave Iberson-Hurst), practical hands-on talks (eRAP tool demo) and remarkable Master's thesis presentations (Florian Storch). It was fascinating to see all the possibilities and opportunities that were presented. Each speaker offered insights and experiences that attendees found relatable and relevant.

Thank you to our valued attendees, presenters and sponsors for their participation. Looking forward to seeing you at a next PHUSE Basel SDE Basel!



Welcome – Anne Mounier & Nicolas Dupuis, Novartis

Review and Highlights of the 2016 Survey of the Top 20 Biopharmaceutical Companies' Statistical Computing Environments (SCEs)Jean-Marc Ferran & James McDermott, JM Partners

Data-integration Automation – Florence Buchheit & Gregory Pinault, Novartis 

Automated Self-documenting Programs, Automated Table Shells, Landing Zones and the Importance of Standards – Christoph Ziegler, Roche

Metadata-driven Programming of Clinical Statistical Results Displays – Florian Storch, Analytical Software 

The eRAP Tool: Demo of an Aid to Improving the Quality and Delivery of Analysis Plans – Michael Roughton, Novartis 

An Iterative Approach to Workflow Automation and Optimisation – Dave Iberson-Hurst, Assero Limited

Metadata-driven Automation of TFL Programs – Rafi Rahi, Shafi Consultancy Limited

Demo: From Standards Management to Final Analysis: Workflow-driven Automation in Primary Research – Daniel Christen, SAS

Metadata-driven Process from Global Definition to Analysis Specifics – Marjorie Nowak & Aurélien Guillouche, Novartis

Autoquery Manager: Self-healing Software & High-performance Reporting – Ceferino Garcia, Roche

PHUSE – Jules van der Zalm, PHUSE


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SDE Chairs:

Nicolas Dupuis

Anne Mounier











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