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How do I create one of these videos? 

I know the concept of creating a "video" sounds complicated and scary, but trust me it's very simple indeed!

You don’t need to have knowledge of fancy e-learning software like Articulate or Captivate.  There are a few options which each have their own pros and cons, but are all straight forward:


Option 1: Create video directly from PowerPoint 2010

  1. Prepare a slide deck as you would for a presentation.
  2. Record your narration and transitions within the presentation (slide show tab)
  3. Select Save As>Windows Media Video (*.wmv) 

Option 2: Create video from PowerPoint slides and separate audio files

  1. Prepare a slide deck as you would for a presentation
  2. Save slides as images (Save As>Device Independent Bitmap (*.bmp))
  3. Record you narration via Windows Sound Recorder
  4. Combine the slides and audio with Windows Movie Maker

Option 3: Record live presentation via Web Conferencing (e.g. Microsoft Live Meeting)


It’s as simple as that!


Here is a short overview to explain in more detail how to create a PhUSE Tube video using option 2:


Here is a more detailed hands-on demonstration showing how to create a PhUSE Tube Video using option 2:



Further Tips

  • When recording audio use a microphone headset, the quality will be better than a standard laptop microphone
  • State your name and company clearly at the beginning of the video
  • You can easily edit *coughs* and *splutters* in Windows Movie Maker
  • Try using Powerpoint "Smart Art" to enhance you presentations to avoid slides which you basically read
  • Be aware that some screen capture software have limits of 2GB (about 2hrs)


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