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What is PhUSE Tube?

Welcome to PhUSE Tube the e-sharing repository.

PhUSE Tube offers:

  • ability to enhance slide presentations with audio in the form of a video
  • ability to share software demonstrations
  • ability to share presentations globally
  • watch and learn from technical videos when it suits you
  • ability to supplement your professional development plans
  • potential to become an international superstar (well maybe?)


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What do I need to get started?

Everything you need to get started is likely already available, either on your computer as part of Windows and Microsoft Office, or available as free download:

  • Microsoft Powerpoint or equivalent
  • Microsoft Windows Sound Recorder or equivalent (e.g. Audacity)
  • Microsoft Windows Movie Maker or equivalent
  • CamStudio (free) for more elaborate software demonstrations or equivalent (e.g. SnagIT)

Detailed instructions and demonstrations on how to create videos, along with some additional tips can be found on our instructions page.


How do I submit a video? 

To submit a video you can upload your content to, and send the resulting link to:,, and


After a review and approval phase your video will be placed on PhUSE Tube for sharing with the PhUSE community.



More information?

PhUSE Video Respoitory

PhUSE Instructions Page


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