PhUSE San Diego Single Day Event (SDE)

The California Single Day Event took place on Tuesday, September 25th 2012 at Pfizer, San Diego and had 37 attendees.



Exploring Graphics Across Multiple Platforms

An old adage states that a single picture is worth a 1000 words. The same conclusion can be said of the use of graphics, colorful tables and sharing of information across the internet in the assessment of data from clinical studies. Statistical graphics play an important role across various stages in clinical research. They help investigators to explore and understand raw data in the early stage of statistical analysis, as well as present final analysis results in the formal publications.

As clinical trials continue to evolve, the use of data visualization graphics and charts increasingly provides key stakeholders in a study's conduct with a more intuitive and rapid understanding of their data, accelerates data review and ultimately assists clinical scientists, study coordinators, writers and physicians in more easily identifying what is clinically important, safe and effective.


Software Demonstrations:

JReview - Product Specific Visualization of Clinical Data

Rob Stephens & Scott Runyan, ICS

JMP - Product Specific Visualization of Clinical Data

JMP, Jordan Hiller & Geoffrey Mann, SAS

Spotfire - Product Specific Visualization of Clinical Data

Michael O'Connell & Matt McGowan, TIBCO

Comprehend Systems - Product Specific Visualization of Clinical Data

Rick Morrison, Comprehend Systems


Available for download soon.

What Makes a Good Graph

Micky Salgado-Gomez, PharmaStat LLC & Susan Duke, GSK

Patient Profile Graphs using SAS

Sanjay Maragne, SAS

Visualising Laboratory Data Using SAS SG Procedures

Wei Cheng, ISIS

Using Processing to Create Data Driven Animations

Brandon Arnieri, Genetech 

Mixing and Matching Panels of Graphics

Linda Collins, PharmaStat LLC


Event Brochure:

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PhUSE US Computational Science Symposium 2017

The PhUSE Computational Science Symposium (CSS) will be celebrating its 6th annual event in 2017, having established itself as the premier collaboration within the clinical trial environment. The collaboration has continued to grow, hosting its inaugural event in Europe during 2016 and engaging other regulatory agencies including the EMA and PMDA.

This year's event will once again be co-sponsored by the FDA and PhUSE and will bring together academia, regulators, industry and technology providers to address computational science needs in support of regulatory review.

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