PhUSE European Computational Science Symposium

London, United Kingdom

19th & 20th June 2017

Following the success of last year's first-ever European CSS, held in Basel, Switzerland, PhUSE is pleased to be hosting its second event in London.



Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London, UK

Confirmed Projects:

The Computational Science (CS) Working Groups and associated Working Group Projects are the cornerstone of the CSS and will be carried over to the European meeting. Visit the CS Working Groups web page for further details.


Project Leads


Data Transparency Jean-Marc Ferran Awaiting Content
Nonclinical Topics Jaga Virayah & Lou Ann Kramer Awaiting Content 
Future Forum Interoperability & Technology Paul Vervuren Awaiting Content
Emerging Trends & Technologies - FHIR Project Trisha Simpson Awaiting Content
Standard Analyses & Code Sharing Shafi Chowdhury Awaiting Content
Optimising the Use of Data Standards: SDTM/ DaM Implementation FAQ Scott Bahlavooni & Chris Price The 2016 EU-CSS marked the first meeting of the Optimizing the Use of Data Standards Working Group SDTM/ADaM Implementation FAQ project. The project returns for 2017. The sessions will include a project overview and update, review of upcoming CDISC releases, and continued work to resolve questions from the CDISC Implementation Community.
Reimagining Clinical Data Beginning with SDTM Scott Bahlavooni

We are able to easily connect with friends and colleague or shop for new shoes from the back seat of a ride-share. However, collecting, analysing, and sharing our clinical data is laborious, iterative, and an error prone task. We can google a disease and easily find information about the symptoms, therapies, specialists, clinical trials, etc. However, integrating clinical trial data for multiple studies within one drug program within one company takes days, weeks, or even months. What if we reimagined our clinical data?

In this session, we will (1) examine the difficulties and limitations in our current clinical data paradigm with a focus on SDTM and ADaM datasets, (2) discuss and demonstrate real-world examples of clinical data reimagined in technologies like those that drive Facebook and Google, and (3) challenge you to think about SDTM data differently during a hands-on, white-boarding exercise. Are you curious? Join us at EU-CSS.


Poster Session:

A poster session will be held on the evening of Monday, 19th June. Submit a poster before 28th April 2017 to benefit from a reduced registration rate.


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