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StreamChair / Co-Chair
Analytical Risk Based Monitoring

Shafi Chowdhury


Sina Djali

Analytics & Statistics

Corinna Miede


Alex Hughes

Application Development

Stephen Griffiths


Herve Guimard

Career Development

Kathryn Wright


Jorine Putter

Coding Tips & Tricks

John van Bemmelen


Kriss Harris

Data Handling

Joerg Guettner


John Moone

Data Standards & Governance

Michael Knoessl


Beate Hientzsch

Data Visualisation

Vincent Buchheit


Holger Langkabel

Hands-on Workshops


Paula Finch, Mark Foxwell & Jennie McGuirk


Machine Learning

Ian Fleming


Azad Dehghan



Jasmine Kestemont, Leanne Johnstone & Jennifer Dootson



Jinesh Patel


Anne-Sophie Bekx

Real-world Evidence

Berber Snoeijer


Alistair Dootson

Scripts & Macros

Angelo Tinazzi


Elena Glathe

Software Demonstrations

Cathal Gallagher


Martin Gregory

Standards Implementation

Edwin van Stein


Nick De Donder

Submissions & Agencies

Stephen Harrison


Ken Stoltzfus

Trends & Technologies

Rob Horton


Elsa Lozachmeur





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