The CSS will feature two workshops:


Sunday, March 4th
Linked Data for Clinical Trials: An Interactive, Hands-on Workshop
Tim Williams, UCB, Johannes Ulander, S-Cubed

In this hands-on workshop you will diagram relationships for clinical trial processes and data, then convert your white-board "graph" to Linked Data. Linked Data is increasingly recognised as a potential solution for many of the data-related challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry. 

Linked Data represents real-world concepts and relationships in a machine-readable, extensible, future-proof format. Classification (ontologies), rules, code lists, standards, and metadata become integral to the data, breaking down traditional data silos. This introductory workshop will provide you with the basic knowledge and tools to launch your own exploration of this technology or participate in a PhUSE project. No previous experience is assumed.

You must bring a laptop with remote desktop capability and attend a preparatory webinar in advance of the conference.


Monday, March 5th
GitHub Environment: From Whitepaper targets (TFL) to Shareable Scripts
Hanming Tu, Frontage

This session will explore the repository in the GitHub environment, looking at the targets (TFL) defined in the whitepapers, the scripts developed for the targets, the guidelines for qualifying scripts, the steps for contributing scripts and a new way of accessing, sharing and executing scripts with script metadata using R PhUSE package.


Workshops are free to attend, but places are limited. Pre-registration is required, sign up for the workshops during event registration.





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