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"very actual topics leading to interesting and open discussion"


FDA/PhUSE Annual Computational Science Symposium

Silver Spring Civic Center, Silver Spring Maryland, USA

March 19-20, 2012

The FDA/PhUSE Computational Science Symposium was a tremendous success, with over 300 attendees from FDA, industry and academia. During the initial plenary session, Dr. Theresa Mullin provided an overview of what is coming on PDUFA, Dr. ShaAvhree Buckman provided a state of the union regarding the Computational Science Center. Other FDA and CDISC presenters gave updates on the success and challenges they continue to face within the review process. 

In the afternoon of the first day and the morning of the second day conference attendees broke into six working groups with the goal of defining and addressing the objectives defined leading up to the meeting. Each group had very dynamic and unique discussions culminating in a set of objectives and next steps. This ranged from drafting a definition of integration to defining the top 30 validation checks, to developing a draft process for validating standard code to be used across the industry. 

The groups will continue to meet on these topics virtually throughout the year with the global gathering again at PhUSE Conference 2.0, Budapest in October. Click here to learn more about what each working group is tackling and how to get involved.

Download the Brochure to see the full conference schedule.  


The Symposium featured a number of great presentations from FDA and CDISC. Click here to review and listen to their presentations. 


The Symposium also provided the opportunity for members to present posters on achievements and share developments throughout the industry. Twenty one posters were presented in total, with five Authors also delivering interactive demonstrations. View the posters here.