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Annual Conference 2015

Clinical Data Science - From Data to Knowledge 

11th - 14th October 2015


**No On the Day Registration Available**

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The theme of the 2015 PhUSE Annual Conference in Vienna will be “Clinical Data Science - From Data to Knowledge”.

High volumes of life science data are becoming available from new sources like health care records, health apps, social media platforms for patients and patient claims databases.  New skill sets are required for people connecting and analysing all kind of clinical data. Transferring different types of clinical data to knowledge requires a deep understanding of the data.  The role of those who collect, transform and analyse clinical data is referred to as a “Clinical Data Scientist”.

A Clinical Data Scientist is someone who has expertise in clinical trials, understanding the complete drug development process; in data preparation and integration; in statistics, understanding methods used within clinical trials; in advanced computing, ability to use multiple tools; and in the visualisation of data.  A Clinical Data Scientist works with scientific rigour in a collaborative manner and most importantly applies a “Hacker Mindset” to every problem.

Today, someone working on biometric data needs to have more skills besides statistics and programming to analyse data collected in controlled clinical trials and other sources! This is how our profession can truly contribute and add value to the science by turning data in to knowledge.

Everything that made PhUSE so successful over the years will continue in 2015 (with some new influences): The streams remain the backbone of the conference, inspiring keynote speakers will start each of the days of the conference, the discussion clubs that open the floor for debates on relevant subjects, new topics will be identified for our popular hands-on workshops and of course the conference remains a unique opportunity to network and share knowledge with colleagues and friends.

Patients will continue to be at the forefront at the Vienna conference. Together, let’s make sure this key element remains a core value, and ensure that the conference theme reflects the important transformation of our role! 

We look forward to meeting you in Vienna in 2015!


            Chris Price                         Åsa Carlsheimer

         Conference Chair               Conference Co-Chair

              Roche                       Ferring Pharmaceuticals      

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